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  1. franktagliano

    Mod application

    haha xD
  2. franktagliano

    Its Dying...

    except that we don't need more staff though.
  3. franktagliano

    wet gang material

    Me and Spencer checking out the coolest rides in the community, so far...
  4. franktagliano

    Ducks Staff App

    -support you got banned for two days for being rude to people and breaking NLR way too many times! You can't be staff when you don't even know the rules boi.
  5. franktagliano

    New Car!

    +Support We need the ford raptor
  6. franktagliano

    Mod application

    +Support Nice and pleasant guy who always helps me out, really mature! This guy really deserves to be a part of the staff team. Great success! Good luck bro!
  7. franktagliano

    Oliver's Staff Application

    -17 years old, not 21. You said you were 21. -Abusive
  8. franktagliano

    Oliver's Staff Application

    -Netrual Lies about age Abused last time being staff member +cool guy though
  9. franktagliano

    Frank Tagliano's Staff Application

    Steam ID / community link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112474498/ In-game name: Frank Tagliano Age: 17 Is this the first staff application you have made? (If not link all previous staff applications): Been staff on the server a long time ago. Can't find the old application tho. Do you have a working microphone?: Yeah Have you joined our steam group? (show proof): (photo added) Have you received any bans or kicks in the last month? (If so state the reasons): none. How many warns have you received in the last month? (Show all kicks with screenshot evidence): none. Tell us a bit about yourself (Doesn't have to be long): I'm 17 years old and I live in Norway. Working at a gas station at fridays, and that's mostly my life. xD Been playing Garrys since 2013, it's actually the first game I bought on steam!(Almost 2400hr) Really enjoy playing it. Been playing since those days, now that's EG is back up I'm trying to grind as much as possible xD. What made you want to apply for staff? (100+ words): I usually build when I play garrys, either that or I'm helping newbies basing and teaching them the best way to earn cash. I'm kind of tired of that though after only building and selling base dupes since grand opening. Then I got the thought, why not send in a little application and be a part of the staff team:D Why do you want to become staff for us? (150+ words): I wanna be a part of the staffteam because I really just wanna help out and get rid of all the "mingy" 12 year olds. I've been playing on Elysian Gaming since 2016, I've always enjoyed this server and I want other people to be able to have same feeling as me everytime I play on the server. And I really like being able to help out, and it's important to show the server as its best so we can gain more players and be a huge and happy community!:D I was moderator or something here a really long time ago and I was nearly SoD everytime I was on. I also play a lot in night time, so I want people to follow the rules then aswell.
  10. franktagliano

    Zopak Report

    -Support I believe Zopak did the right thing. Don't break the rules bro.