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  1. Minty

    Mod application

    R.I.P It has been up for so long XD :Zopak: Id say 2months 2weeks 2 days 2 hours and 2 mins 2 seconds from now it would be accepted or declined XD
  2. Minty

    Mod application

    this has been up for 2 weeks? lmao
  3. Minty

    This Is Not The End!!

    We all need to realise that EG needs to be like EG 2.0 wee need more money methods and we need more items to buy the server needs more things to do and more things to get plus people will want VIP and tokens EXT for money methods to make Loads of money You just need to [ INVEST TO PROGRESS ] make the server alive again by getting players to Achive again people lost MILLIONS from the re-set to 3.0 but You need to make it so people want to Grind and actually waste there life on there server
  4. Minty

    Tips & Useful Information

    how do i cook cocaine never done it
  5. Minty

    This sever needs UPGRADEING

    Hey, Love the way the server works but theirs SOME slight bad points i noticed I believe this sever need some things you can get atm you can only get Guns cars and some accessory's you may say accessory's theirs allot of them but once u set an outfit out you don't really change for a while. Possibly you could bring something else you can buy like if you grind for along ass time you can buy jobs like the hacker for $40,000,000 I know that would stop some of your donations but the same time people who play you server would be like theirs an opportunity to actually have a payed job why dont i grind PLAY and then buy it then people would see there people on and want to play because theirs allot of people on. I was allso thinking maybe a black market dealer that players who have played 48 hours can use and it sells top Tire Custom guns or maybe make a NPC where you could custom guns. there is also a way you could make money for the server for People who have donated 20 Pound or more get a custom Job where you get a custom Knife and a Custom skin nothing too over the top like a custom raider skin or a police job just so it makes it a little bit different but Realistic skins not frogs or somet stupid and the knife being a permanent one and you can pick 1 of 5 knifes because let be real you aint gonna raid a base with a knife ud die so its not to OP also if you make events witch a player has to pay 25k to enter and the prize it 100k to 250k depends on event i have made events in past and they went QUITE well maybe !unbox for guns when dealers arnt on so people dont have to call admin to self supply But it will be random and more expensive also maybe a npc for cops where they can Upgrade with money so pro players stand a chance as cop during bank raid - costs ALLOT of money because it would be permanent and make more things you can buy other than guns and cars and some accessories because i have bough accessories and cars and loads of guns and still have 10+mill and want to ecleast buy something different so i can Grind and buy also the money methods i think coke should give more and weed it seems like allot but i have 8 pots i pay 40k for the pots 120k for the weed that's 160k i make 150k to 250k a sale with BM 120k to refill so im only making 60k to 150k profit at times and its boring to wait for it i DON'T THINK you should Grow it ur self that would be annoying i think maybe 3g should be 45k a sale and you should be able to carry well more than 30g people make refund requests saying crash then say on the chat when u get 30g or more make it say this is your risk to carry more than 30g if you crash its your fault then players will be able to base in the desert instead of doing 1 batch and then running to dealer (PLEASE ADD DEALERS IN DESERT WOULD BE SO THANKFULL) meth should make 50k personal opinion OCD need rounded UP numbers to make a equal pay thats why u never see my bank with $493 or somet like that also raids you can only have ONE hacker while raiding because people can just walk threw like its a mall and they get to pick what players to kill first i know raiding players wont like that but if you were basing and had 8 pots few printers meth cooking and some fuger walks in and 1 taps u with SVU you and blows up everything you would be annoyed (people say make hacker proof bases what about the small flats when people want to base there not big enough and you cant have buttons for doors to close it again) Also buttons for windows toggled and keypad on other side for people to open and you can have a button - one way NON SHOOT THREW windows should be aloud it dosent effect the raider most Police stations have them for interrogations they cant see sh*t so it is realistic and bullet proof so Non shoot threw should bee added personal opinion i could say more but its like a SA Thanks for reading my autism spelling and gamma if you disagree with ANYTHING i said please stait why so i can ither debate with you or Agree and i know allot of the things i said to mention maybe its not invented for Lewis to update but there just thoughts and opinions the majority of this is properly a dead cause but just an opinion
  6. Minty

    Its Dying...

    I think your wrong with the raid Police i think don't need to be buffed maybe weapons tho also i think if you want to keep Donates to the server who might Donate more give people who have donated 20 Pounds or more a Custom Job for the players and that it dose not affect jobs just custom skin and possibly a custom knife with Standard raiding equipment like NO-HACKER that should be a classic job it would make it bit unfair or make custom skins for guns something to buy because the most you can buy is guns and cars nothing else that's why people do flips lose the money and gain money and then to spend it on what maybe you should be able to buy a job that cost 40 credits for $40 million or something just to make it fun to Grind your way to SOMETHING instead or looking to buy a car or a gun that you can get in a couple of hours also i think some guns should be cheaper like the mini gun and the auto sniper because u get no one buying them mini gun is crap auto sniper the SVU is well better and its cheaper also i think you should add more guns like a black market dealer someone who has allot of THE CUSTOM guns i was saying that would be nice and maybe a police gun expert who you can UPGRADE police when you go Police like spawn guns and hp just so people who actually rp cops dont get bummed by top players who are raiding banks as GANGS and theres only 4-6 cops maybe unbox to for GUNS because sometimes theres no dealers on and people have NO GUNS and dont want to get warned for self supply o know you can ask a admin but sometimes there not online and then it would be self supply ill make a post about this in general but Mystic this is what i think XD thanks for blinding ur self with my Grammar
  7. Minty


    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/mintygamer256
  8. Minty


    In-game name: [WET] Minty Steam ID: When did this happen?: 1:18 What is the refund request for?: Weed I had like 30g on me and 8 weed pots all filled with black mamba its about 450k - 500k Evidence (Required):
  9. Minty

    1 way windows...

    Right.. i know its a this inst aloud i agree but if it were to be like an ACTUAL window were you cannot shoot out of but you can see outside and they cant see inside lets talk realisticly there is many one way none shoot threw windows in real life and i think if would be cool to see whats coming its like a camera but a direct one not talking the ones u buy the ones you can place with the tool gun i think it would be a grate idia and makes bases look brighter ill send a screen shot of an example. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1510735739
  10. Minty

    Ducks Staff App

    hah i think i know Grate Grate Gtate the cheese
  11. Whoops! LEL Didint mean to spell that wrong im dumb af
  12. Hey, i'm making this because i think all the current staff are doing a grate job and deserve a thank you i have been playing this server for a while now and i have noticed that staff have been really helpful. including the following ZXY - He took the time out of his day to let me talk to him about a personal issue - Thankyou Zopak - Let me and Duck create a racing event on the server - Thankyou - was fun by the way made me lose 1.2mill tho XD NightWalker - also let us create event, and has always been grate staff - Thankyou - Still have nightmares about those Cookie Kids XD Ethan - also let us and helped us make the event happen - won the races tho XD - Thankyou DrDanne - helped me with most sit issues and always tricked me xD - Still have nightmares about those Cookie Kids XD - Thankyou Heisenberg - helped me move my staff application - Thankyou VMX - Always been the for me when i needed it and helped me with everything - Thankyou XD And thankyou too all the other staff for making this server grate Im doing this because i've been very active this week and noticed all these staff members deserve a personal Thankyou!
  13. Minty

    Ducks Staff App

    ++ support grate guy mature active detailed application grate with events (me and him created one) defiantly should become staff on EG
  14. Minty

    Banned by an admin that doesn't know how to rp

    Moist is a HUGE Troll i cannot lie he dissed allot of staff was very inpatient and rude
  15. Minty

    Gaybo Staff Application

    grate guy funny positive with everything ++ support all the way Irish all the way. the new Conor Mcgregor here.