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  1. Zopak

    Mod application

    Give it a few more weeks
  2. Zopak


    @Shanden Accepted
  3. Zopak


    @CaptainCrack Denied because of fortnite
  4. Zopak

    Spencer's Staff Application

    ACCEPTED Congratulations, contact any HA for your rank on discord and in-game.
  5. Zopak


    @Josh124 ur cute Accepted
  6. Zopak

    Oliver Report

    @Oliver What's your response to this situation?
  7. Zopak

    Edgy title here

    DENIED Not enough detail, some answers haven't reached word count. (100+ words): (150+ words):
  8. Zopak

    SamX's Staff Applications

    Can't edit. You'll have to post a new app
  9. Zopak

    Nay's Staff App

    +Support omg nay ily Was a good staff member, experienced, love him
  10. Zopak

    Monie Appliction

    @Monie Your application would be ACCEPTED, but you have been inactive. We have decided to give you 3 days to become active again, if you'll stay inactive it will be DENIED.
  11. Zopak

    Zopak report

    It's too big, my pants are too small
  12. Zopak

    EthanM's Staff Application

    +Support Mature, was a good staff member, active, experienced
  13. Zopak

    Zopak report

    I treated you as a friend and wasn't being so professional, because I thought you wouldn't care, but nevermind. I am most of the time professional though. But fair enough, I'll decrease my level of minge to the lowest and start being professional.
  14. Zopak

    Oliver's Staff Application

    +Support Omg oliver ily Mature, very active, experienced,
  15. Zopak

    Zopak report

    I was ready to stop them if they would've tried raiding or stayed there any longer. They had no malicious intent when doing it and I thought you'd take it as a joke and everyone would have a good laugh, but nevermind, I won't let anyone do that again (if it becomes possible again). I was a bit tired that time, again they were just having fun and I even repaired your car after that so no harm was done. Though I am sorry and didn't think it'd be such a big problem to you. Me swearing is just the way I talk. I swear often irl, so me swearing while playing games/being serious is normal. I'm still being mature and friendly with everyone. I was in other staff's sits because there's nothing else to do at that moment and I try to help the staff decide on the punishment, I don't see how that is a problem. Some sits don't need explanations from both sides since the problem is obvious, but I do always try to get both sides of the situation. And I never told anyone to hate on people that make/made staff reports, nor do I really care about them. I try my best to be at least a decent staff member and I agree that I'm not always doing well.