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  1. Vinn


    To be honest, there's genuinely no point making a thread about someone that "RDM" you. I advise you to just record whilst no staff are on.
  2. Vinn

    hi it's me beth

  3. Vinn


    Why was this not reported to the staff on the server? @CaptainCrack
  4. Vinn

    Moe Lester

    Firstly, this report shows no visual evidence of the player breaking NLR. However, the video does show the person breaking fearRP. Did you not report it in admin chat at the time? @Jynx
  5. Vinn

    Adamm's Refund Request.

  6. Vinn

    Server Crash - Triix

    RESOLVED 270,000 was add back to wallet.
  7. Vinn


    The member of staff will be spoken to as soon as possible.
  8. Vinn

    yeah im purple

    Welcome back :)
  9. Vinn

    Donation suggestion

    Will be discussed. Thank you
  10. I think the main thing the community is forgetting is how easy it was to retain money on the previous servers. One of our main goals this time round was to balance the economy. Thank you for the detailed feedback anyway.
  11. Vinn

    some changes i would like to see

    Thank you for the feedback we will take this into consideration.
  12. Vinn

    Pandaa's PROPER Ban Appeal

    ACCEPTED Next time have a different attitude towards staff. @Pandaa
  13. Vinn


  14. Vinn

    Adamm's Discord Ban Appeal.

    ACCEPTED No one knows why you were banned on the discord. You must have done something tho. Lets hope we don't have a reason to ban you again. @Adamm
  15. Vinn

    Night's staff App

    ACCEPTED Congratulations on making it into the staff team. Your experience as staff shows you are capable of being an outstanding staff member. @NIGHTWALKER