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  1. lewez

    Gang System Bug

    I'll look into it, ty.
  2. lewez

    Server crash refund

    Refunded to your bank, in-game.
  3. lewez

    A hefty amount of suggestions

    will take these into consideration for new updates
  4. lewez

    Oliver's Staff Application

    raided with god mode knowingly spawned money for own benefit idk fam
  5. lewez

    Weapons Change

    Changed. Locked.
  6. lewez

    Lost all tokens.

    What are the steam ids for both of your accounts?
  7. lewez

    Game keeps on crashing - please help

    has she got up to date video drivers?
  8. lewez

    Texture & Model Errors

    Experiencing purple & black checkered textures or 'Error' models? Launch Garry's Mod Go to your Garry's Mod settings -> Other -> select 'Allow all custom files from server' (image) Restart Garry's Mod Download the Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) Content. Once you join the server, you will be prompted a menu which will guide you through this. ('css_content' console command also opens this menu) Close Garry's Mod Unsubscribe from all Steam Workshop addons for Garry's Mod 'Verify Inegrity of Game Files' in Steam by right clicking Garry's Mod and selecting 'Properties' (image) Restart Garry's Mod If you completed the steps correctly, it should work!
  9. lewez

    Suggestion about the weed pots

    I've just buffed it slightly.
  10. lewez

    Tips & Useful Information

    woops. thanks.
  11. lewez

    Tips & Useful Information

    Credits You will receive 3 Credits for each 7 day streak through Daily Rewards. You can receive Credits from the random reward option, in the Daily Rewards menu. Weed You can sell weed packets to the weed buyers located secretly within the city. You can make a weed pot stand upright by looking at it and using the '!upright' command. Gangs You can view gang information with the '!gang' command. You can message your gang with the '!g' command, e.g. '!g hello!'. You can speak through gang voice chat by binding the +alt2 key. e.g. 'bind g +alt2' in console You can mute the gang voice chat with the '!gmute' command. Police & S.W.A.T You can speak through the police voice radio by binding the +alt1 key. e.g. 'bind f +alt1' in console You can mute/unmute the Police voice radio with the '!policeradio' command. Work and plan together as a team to ensure your raids are successful. Basing Weld the props inside your base if you do not want the S.W.A.T to battering ram it down. Commands '!achieve' - Achievements menu '!store' or '!credits' - The Credit Store menu '!props' - Display your prop count and prop limit '!tips' or '!help' - Open this page '!rules' - Open the server rules '!upright' - Make a weed pot stand upright '!forum' - Opens the forum '!donate' - Opens the donation page '!discord' - Prints the Discord invite link
  12. lewez

    Changes to weed growing

    What changes would you like made to the weed growing addon? Or are you perfectly happy with it?
  13. lewez

    change the fucking rules bitchboy

    one way props are disgusting
  14. lewez

    Professional Leaker

    blacklisted bye
  15. lewez


    yes scottish