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------------------------------------------Chatbox Rules------------------------------------------

1. Do not spam.

2. Do not be offensive.

3. Do not argue with staff.

4. Do not advertise or post any external links in the chat.


------------------------------------------1. General Rules------------------------------------------

1.1 Be respectful to all players in OOC. (Out Of Character)

1.2 Do not complain about staff decisions in game or in global chat. (Reports can be made on the forums.)

1.3 Under any circumstance, you are not allowed to sell or trade in game items (Credits, money) for real life money or items. This will result in a permanent ban.

1.4 Do not prop surf/minge/climb/block under any circumstance.

1.5 Do not spam through voice chat.

1.6 Do not harass people in or out of RP (this includes body blocking, chat spamming, etc...).

1.7 Do not FailRP - Failing to follow to the roleplay rules.

1.8 Do not advertise any external servers/links/sources not relating to EG.

1.9 Do not threaten to attack or (D)DoS our server(s). This will result in a permanent ban from all our server(s).

1.10 Do not cheat or attempt to create an unfair advantage. This will result in a permanent ban.

------------------------------------------2. Roleplay Rules------------------------------------------

2.1 Do not RDM (Random Death Match) – Randomly killing a player without any RP reason.

2.2 Do not RDA (Random Arrest) – Randomly arresting players without a valid RP reason.

2.3 Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) – The New Life Rule has a timer of 3 minutes to were you will not remember anything that happened in your previous life. You will also not be able to interact with anything that was involved before your death. Only until the 3 minute timer is over you are able to interact and remember your previous life. If you are are involved in a raid and you die, you must not come back to the location until the raid timer is over.

2.4 Do not self-supply – This is where you change RP jobs to help aid you in another job. This can be things such as changing to a gun dealer, medic, mechanic, etc. You are only allowed to self supply if there are no players with the job, you have asked OOC and a staff member has given you permission.

2.5 You may not mug the same person within 15 minutes of the 1st mug. You may mug for a maximum of 15k. You must give the victim (the person being mugged) a sufficient amount of time to react.

2.6 If you are being faced by a mugger and you have enough money the person is asking for, you must give the correct amount of money to the mugger. You must not pull out a weapon if the mugger has a weapon out (FearRP). You must not kill the victim if they have have given you the correct money.

2.7 You can only carjack (stealing a players vehicle) an empty vehicle every 20 minutes. The max price you can auction of the vehicle is 50k. You can only kill the owner of the vehicle if they interact with the car or engage in a fight. 

2.8 You can kidnap a player every 15 minutes. You can only keep the kidnapped player for a max 10 minutes. You may hold a ransom for up to 50k. You must not fight back or run away when being kidnapped.

2.9 Do not metagame – This is when you say RP things in OOC chat. Keep OOC strictly Out Of Character. Also, anticipating what a player is going to do, whether it is a crook, police officer, hacker, is metagaming as you should not assume what they are going to do by reading their job title.

2.10 As a Homeless, you are the only job allowed to build on the side of the road. Homeless cannot build in any locations that restrict RP.

2.11 You must advert when doing one of the following: Mugging, Kidnapping and Carjacking.

2.12 Stealing / taking a players entity without permission is not allowed. 

2.13 You can not random weapon check players without having a justifiable reason.

2.14 You must have a valid roleplay reason to place a hit on a player.

2.15 You must wait 10 minutes before placing a hit on the same player

------------------------------------------3. Raiding Rules------------------------------------------

3.1 You cannot raid a building that has a "Building" sign on / near it.-

3.2 You can only raid the same building every hour. This gives the base time to modify and recover their base.

3.3 You must only kill people in the building you are raiding. Any bystanders must not be killed as this would be RDM. You may only kill people outside the building if they are interacting with the raid. 

3.4 You must advertise all government raids, which include the bank and mayor’s office.

3.5 You must not build during a raid.

3.6 Raids must not last any longer than 15 minutes.

3.7 You can only counter government raids (Bank, mayor’s office etc...). You may help assist your gang members bases if they are being raided. 

3.8 The battering ram should only be used on fading doors. Do not use the battering ram on other props.

3.9 KOS lines are not allowed. 

3.10 Having KOS reasons such as, loitering, being annoying, etc, is not allowed. Staff has final discretion. 

------------------------------------------4. Building------------------------------------------

4.1 You must have a building sign located on / near the building while you are building. Having a building sign means you cannot interact with RP. You must not have any entities in the building whilst a building sign is up. Once you have finished building you must remove the sign.

4.2 You must have a maximum of 3 fading doors to enter the base. You may have 1 extra fading door for items such as, weed, printers, meth, cocaine, etc.  

4.3 Fading doors must remain open for a minimum of 5 seconds.

4.4 The keypad / button to a fading door must be clearly visible.

4.5 Buildings must not make players crouch, jump, go through mazes or zig zag there way through. Buildings must not create an unfair advantage for both a raider and defender.

4.6 Sky Bases are not allowed.

4.7 You must have at least one entrance to your base.

4.8 Invisible or one way props are not allowed.

4.9 Do not FDA (Fading Door Abuse) – FDA is where you use your key bindings on fading doors to your own advantage and not giving a player time to react.

4.10 The head glitch to a base must be no smaller than the lamp shade (models/props_c17/lampshade001a.mdl)

4.11 Fake keypads / buttons are not allowed.

4.12 Keypad delays are not allowed on fading doors.

4.13 You can only have one base while playing on the server. If you have a gang base all gang members must base in the building. 

4.14 Kill boxes are not allowed. (Trapping a player and killing them)

4.15 Mega Bases are not allowed. (If you are uncertain about the size of your building ask a staff member).

4.16 You can not build on top of roofs.

4.17 No Collided entrances are not allowed.

4.18 Using no collided props inside a base to give yourself an advantage is not allowed.

4.19 Shooting holes must only be toggled by keypads that hold open for 5 seconds.

4.20 Vehicles being stored in a building must have an entrance and exit for players.













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